Book Update

I’ve had a lot of feedback from readers since I published Restoring Virtue last September. One thing I’ve heard from everyone I’ve talked to is that although their life experiences have been different (most have not been victims of sexual abuse) they identified with feelings I described. Their own trials brought about the same sorrow and their healing was filled with the same joy.

My book is about how I accessed the Atonement to overcome the effects of sexual abuse, but you do not have to be a victim of sexual abuse to understand my story.

Before I published my book I received the same question from several beta readers. “Who is this book intended for?” At the time, I thought my reader was another victim. After seeing how people from different backgrounds have responded, I realized Restoring Virtue is for anyone who contemplates their relationship with God and their value as a spiritual being. It’s a message of hope for all. It is timeless. The steps required to access the Atonement are the same for eveRestoring Virtue KINDLE Coverryone.

I’ve decided to remove the phrase “For Victims of Sexual Abuse” from the cover. The subtitle remains the same “A Testimony of Healing Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ”. This sentence better represents what my book has to offer.

If you read my story, I promise it will leave a lasting impression. I understand it requires a degree of commitment. But anything worth doing will stretch you, bring change, and reveal new places to explore. Please read this book with an open heart. This world is desperate for spiritual healing.

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