Giving More

Wednesday is trash day on my street. The Alaska Waste truck pulled in front of my driveway one cold December morning last year. My husband stood waiting on the curb with a Christmas card. It included a twenty dollar bill along with our family’s scribbled signatures. My husband wished the driver a Merry Christmas, told him thank you for the service he provides our family, and handed him the card. It was a token gift with no expectation.

The following Wednesday morning, after dumping our weekly trash, the driver walked the empty trash can up the driveway and parked it in front of our garage door. My husband and I were surprised to discover the extra service, but even more surprised that week after week we continued to find our trash can in the same spot—convenient to roll inside the garage. After sometime my husband commented that we should have given the driver more money. I agreed. The driver has given much more than twenty dollars could buy.

When school is in session I drive my children across the street five days a week where they attend class. A half dozen teachers direct traffic in the parking lot. Two years ago a new teacher’s aide was hired. She always supervises the same spot in the morning. Rain, snow, or shine, she stands on the right hand side of the parking lot where cars exit. On rainy days she holds an umbrella. On snowy days she is bundled in a jacket, gloves, and a knitted head band covering her short brown hair.

What I find unique about this woman is she always has a smile on her face and cheerfully waves at each car that drives by. I give a little wave back. At first I wondered how long she would continue this habit. Two years later her smile is just as big as it was her first day on the job. Her persistence brightens my mornings. Her cheerful attitude never runs out.

The Atonement is the gift that keeps giving. Love never melts away. Grace never dries up. Forgiveness is never spent. The art of  giving more than you get is one of the mysteries of the Atonement. Jesus Christ gave more so we could be given more. He expects us to do the same.

I want to be the kind of person who gives more than I think I can.

We all have people like this in our lives. Sometimes strangers, sometimes close friends, who consistently remind us that good prevails. Please leave a comment about someone in your life who gives more.